Diary notes

I am almost done collecting my diary notes from the last two years into a commonplace book. The idea is to compile them into something more readable and extract the most useful bits.

Here are some slightly edited notes from December.

No word is Truth.

Time is infinite,

No time is ‘lost’ or ‘made’

No justifications are necessary for Truth:

  • Simply state what is
  • Inquiries will always lead to nothing, thus no-one justifying why you should or shouldn’t think or do something can ever have the absolute Truth
  • No thought is needed to find Truth


  • Hunger is cover-up for suppressed anger
  • All ideas can be hijacked by the ego

Relative absolute truths (yes, paradox is inherent to reality)

  • There is a truer ‘me’ or self
  • Nothing is hidden
  • All compromises to feel secure are self-deception (decreasing authenticity and Truth)

Enlightenment insights

While walking along the river today

  • Truth of reality is accessed by reducing as much copied behaviours of the past reoccurring in the present as possible. This is what is referred to as subconscious.
  • Since reality contains all possibilities, including everything that appears as paradox, a paradoxical way to access the truth is by very exact conscious repetition! Ways exemplifying this is daily meditations, mantras, mindfulness and mastery of any specific activity.
  • But once discovered, Truth is accessible at any time at any place, since it is all that actually exists

Morning meditations

Be authentic, aware, conscious, free, open and generous
Drink water
Eat local plant-based food
Enjoy what you engage in and you let others to do the same
Possessions are temporary
Share what you know and stay open to learn
Stay true to your values
– all you experience is yourself in infinite forms
– bounds and limits, subjects and objects are illusions
– there is no scarcity, there is only what is
– reality itself is the meditation
– words are not the things

inspired by the roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, who wrote his Meditations to be read by himself every morning


Vegan / plantbased food e-book translated into Spanish

‘Conscious Ninja Food’ has been translated into Spanish, titled ‘Comida Consciente’

Download them on the food page

In the process of translation the book has been ruthlessly edited for the better. The recipes are much clearer to follow, the images less obtrusive, the layout more consistent and the fonts more readable. Some quirkiness and originality of the original has been sacrificed in order to hopefully appeal and reach more people.

The English original is planned to get the same treatment



Call for freedom (poetry)


Want a marvelous life
Free from strife
Where love can soar and
less is more
Any language is fine
Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Portuguese
French, German, Greek, Japanese or Chinese
Let us master them all
We will never fall,
we will heed the call
We will stand tall,
even when small
Come to us Truth
Come to us God
Make us smart
open our hearts
Give us a new start
Tear our egos apart
Light us up from inside
Fill us with righteous pride
Let us join this divide
Let our interests coincide
Make our consciousness clean
Our awareness heal
Tear down the veil


— Avión Photon

me and the unknown (poetry)

Like two magnets, we attract

The closer we get, the stronger the bond

We burn away past limitations

We soar with new creations

We light up the worlds

We use words but are beyond them

Similar, but not the same

Infinite depths within

Mysterious miracles reflected

Nothing nobody expected

Thus life is perfected


— Avión Photon

Reclaim your keyboard! (and your fingers)


giving my trusty mechanical keyboard the “DVORAK treatment”

The most common keyboard layout, often referred to as QWERTY, comes from one of the early typewriter models, over 140 years ago. From being part of a tool only used in certain professions it is now something almost everyone uses daily.

The QWERTY layout grew out of necessity and convenience during the early stages of the typewriter. The top row of the layout has all the letters of typewrite, so that the salesperson could easily demonstrate the new invention. The letters had to be arranged in a way that the mechanical hammers which the paper had the least chance of getting stuck to each other. You can read more about QWERTY on Wikipedia.

But today, on electronic devices, the reasons behind QWERTY’s layout does not make any sense. In my opinion it is a perfect example of systemic resistance, where short-term thinking and lack of awareness gets in the way of a positive change.

But even if QWERTY seems unavoidable, there are ways around it. I will describe one of them.

A few years ago I discovered Dvorak. It is a keyboard layout developed in the 1930’s, with the intention of replacing QWERTY. Dvorak takes account letter frequency and hand physiology into account.

In Dvorak the most common letters are placed in the middle row and all vowels are on the left side of the keyboard. This creates a very pleasant sense when typing. I can compare it to the satisfaction of performing a drum roll, allowing the body to move controlled yet relaxed, with regular symmetrical movements.

Dvorak is available on the common operating systems for many languages, but few people know about it. It takes a little work to set up.

First is configuration. If your keyboard is designed for a less common language, like Swedish in my case, a layout might not be available by default. In that case, you need to create it yourself. I did it using Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator
You can also use the design ideas of Dvorak to create a custom layout based on any unique typing patterns.

How to change the keyboard layout:

In Windows 7
In Windows 10
In Mac OS X
In Linux Ubuntu

The second part is the keyboard. With a laptop, it might be difficult to rearrange the letters, but on most external keyboards, the key caps are removable. Making the rearrangement takes perhaps an hour. Another thing you can do while rearranging the keys is take the chance to clean it if it is dirty, thus prolonging its lifespan.

If you switch, be prepared for a significant relearning period. You will be typing like a toddler again!

If you can overcome this however, the rewards are

  • an amazing sense of flow
  • the possibility of pushing the typing speed limits without the strain on the fingers QWERTY is prone to

If you tried this, I would love to hear about your experience!

Poetry. 14 verses dedicated to our non-human friends

Life around town

Grasshopper in shower
showed me the power
of a magical life
I forgot in youth’s strife

Blackbirds skipping
while I am tripping
direct me toward
life’s greatest reward

Storks on the tower
come as spring flowers
I don’t mean to flatter
but I do dig your clatter

Heron in river
your grace makes me shiver
and stop on my way
Do you meditate, pray?

Cow on the peak
won’t be nobody’s steak
I will teach her to fly
or my tears will run dry

Horses and sheep
you’ll all make me weep
if your life is to end
for some ignorant friend

Alley cat sneaking
I look at you peeking
unto evening’s litter
a feast all too bitter

Dogs in long leashes
peeing where pleases
dragging ’round ‘masters’
out of disasters

Frogs in the night
Town’s singing delight
got their own fanzine
for their choral routine

Bat under roof
Mysterious, aloof
Your silent wings flap
when flying your laps

Spider in corner
is not a mourner
when I clean in a gown
and its net gather down

Butterfly fluttering
won’t hear me muttering
how its catering nephews
ate all my lettuce

Heart-shaped little fly
buzzing near me and by
there’s no swatter here
for you, dear, to fear

Silverfish glimmer
in stark lamp light (no dimmer)
you make me  gladder
as I empty my bladder


Written in Amorebieta-Etxano, Basque Country Spain on the 7th of January 2018