Workout – calyogy

“Eres una maravilla” / “You are a wonder” – A neighbor commenting on the results from my training regime

Moving along with your body is perhaps the best way to improve your health and be happy in life! Our bodies are amazing and capable of anything when we treat them right!

I do a composite workout I like to call Calyogy, composed mainly by elements of calisthenics, yoga asanas, weightlifting/weight training and gymnastics, while following a vegan/plant-based diet. Picking what I profoundly enjoy led me to feel happier with my body than ever before!

I would sum up the path to creating Calyogy as follows:

  • Connecting with the best childhood memories for inspiration
  • Trying new things at least once
  • Appreciate what others do, ask for advice and incorporate what is learnt
  • Moved freely at anytime and anywhere
  • Compared with others to find new inspiration of what is possible
  • Smile and have a positive attitude

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Get inspired and start moving!