Moving along with your body is one of the best ways to improve your health and be happy in life! Our bodies are amazing gifts and capable of anything when we treat it right!

I do a composite workout created mainly from calisthenics, yoga asanas, weightlifting/weight training and gymnastics, while following a strictly vegan/plant-based diet. This approach of picking exactly what I profoundly enjoy has led me to amazing results! I feel happier with my body today than ever before in my life!

I would sum up the method I have followed in this way:

  • Connect with your best childhood memories – Take a moment of stillness and meditate. Remember what you did as a child, how you loved to move. Find inspiration in that direction!
  • Is there something you always wanted to try, but somehow never did? It is never to late, just do it, now!
  • Be open to try anything new, at least once! Look around and appreciate how other people do their thing! Don’t be afraid to ask others for advice. Learn and incorporate what you learn into your own life!
  • Start following your own heart and listen to the urge to move freely at any time you feel like!
  • Only compare with others to find inspiration of what is possible for you as well!
  • Smile and take on a positive attitude!

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Get inspired and start moving!