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Some principles I try to live by in the sense of having a permanent location

I started out with the five R’s of Bea’s Zero-Waste

Here are some of my own interpretations of them

  • Refuse – Don’t buy or accept new things without serious conscious consideration
  • Reduce – Try to give away everything you don’t use
  • Reuse – Find new purposes for everything you have
  • Recycle – Never throw something directly into nature, unless it came directly from nature
  • Rot – Try to make compost of as much residual material as possible

Now let’s see how I handle some other different aspects of modern living


Now when it comes to energy-use, I aim to make the apartment self-sustainable (off-grid) as well. I have collected aluminum cans to build a simple but effective heating system.
I also have materials to build small direct-current generators (for example for charging cell phones/tablets). I hope to install solar panels and an windmill generator together with a battery storage and distribution system when I free up enough funds and resources. I would welcome any donations towards this effort!

Installations and furniture

I use materials and furniture I find next to local garbage retrieval sites. People throw a multitude of perfectly usable things, so there is no need to buy anything new.

I also recover electrical components and seek to learn what I need to construct any necessary circuitry myself. In essence, if something I need is possible to DIY from recycled materials, I will consider it.

Food and terrace garden

I currently obtain my food from the garden,  local fruit trees around the town I live. I pick fruits, berries and mushrooms naturally growing in the surrounding areas. I store seeds to vary the plants on the terrace space available.

I collect rainwater on the terrace to irrigate the plants on sunny days. I do not yet have a filtering system for making the rain water drinkable.

I chop down and put food residues in a 3-stage compost system on the terrace. I also occasionally add pee as nutrition to the compost. This also avoids the environmental cost of flushing it out to the sewage.


At the moment I do not travel beyond walking and sometimes taking the bus or train, especially since communication can be done world-wide via internet and telephone. Any typical touristic or professional trip has very little value to me since I realized that by varying states of consciousness, a walk of an hour locally, or reading a book in a certain way, can give a richer experience than a trip to another continent.

If I travel around to see more of the world, I will do it when we have a world free of borders, war and any other large-scale manifestations of egotistical struggle, and hopefully when the means of faster-than-bike/sail travel also are truly self-sustainable. I see carbon-compensation only as a bad excuse for people to continue without doing the real effort of changing lifestyle.