At the moment the apartment is without electricity and heating, which aligns with my aim to make the apartment self-sustainable (off-grid).

I have collected aluminum cans to build a simple but effective heating system.
I also have materials to build small direct-current generators (for example for charging cell phones/tablets).

I want to install solar panels and an windmill generator together with a battery storage and distribution system when I have enough funds. I welcome any donations towards this effort!


Food and garden

I currently obtain my food from the garden, and whatever grows locally around; I pick fruits, berries and mushrooms growing in the surrounding areas.

To irrigate the plants, wash and do laundry I use collected rainwater.

A 3-stage compost system compost collects organic material from the plants and activities I do as well as the waste from my body.

Furniture and tools

I re-purpose and recycle materials to make decoration, equipment, furniture and tools


At the moment I do not travel beyond walking and sometimes taking the bus or train, especially since communication can be done world-wide via internet and telephone. Any typical touristic or professional trip has very little value to me since I realized that by varying states of consciousness, a walk of an hour locally, or reading a book in a certain way, can give as rich an experience as a trip to another continent.

If I travel around to see more of the world, I will do it when we have a world free of borders, war and any other large-scale manifestations of egotistical struggle, and hopefully when the means of faster-than-bike/sail travel are truly sustainable. I see carbon-compensation as poor band-aid compared to making the real effort of a changing lifestyle.