I have played countless computer and video games since the early 90’s, but today I mostly play game Minecraft 

The basic mechanics of the game is simple, but it has expanded immensely since its initial release in 2010.  People use additional resources and tools such as textures, mods and graphic shaders to change the way it looks and plays. They also get together in build teams producing creations which are mind-blowing in their size and detail. It is even possible to create full RPG-games within it.

For me, the game has an immensely expandable creative aspect. It is like being an architect and artist in one. The use of square blocks creates constraints which lets the imagination soar.

I approach it with a natural and organic mindset, I like to let the creations ‘grow out of themselves’. However, I also do more complex projects requiring more planning.

Below are my two main works-in-progress

Creative World - signature

Creative world download (a Minecraft installation is needed to play)

PDF with puzzle solutions

Minecraft forum thread with details and journaling of the creative process

Flower Valley signature

A world download is expected in May!

Minecraft forum thread journaling the progress