I love to play the game Minecraft, mostly because of the immensely expandable creative aspect of it. It is like being an architect and artist in one. The blocky nature of the game makes for some nice technical constraints, while letting imagination flow free.

I currently publish my work or play (however you want to look at it) here

I also daily play the game Elevate (a brain training app for iphone/android). It trains you with various games in 5 different categories; Writing, Reading, Speaking, Listening and Maths. I think it has given me excellent results as a dedicated consistent player.

However, both games sadly include references to killing innocent beings and eating them.

In Minecraft, the simplest choice is to not kill any animals, since you as the player is responsible for your actions.

In Elevate, you occasionally hear about eating animals for dinner. I have contacted Elevate about the issue, and they have taken it up for consideration. But I have not noticed any change yet, so newcomers to the games will still be exposed. You can therefore avoid the listening game called Retention. There is similar content in other games as well, mostly involving reading, but it appears much less frequently.