Conscious Food

Conscious Food is my contribution to help the world eat healthier. It is a free e-book with around 20 recipes.

What kind of food is it?

The food is based on a plant-based or vegan diet with mainly fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds and vegetables, made into quick, easy, affordable yet appetizing, appealing and nutritionally balanced meals.

How can I get it?

Click here or on the picture below to download Conscious Food as a PDF.
conscious food - cover




Is the book available in other languages?

Yes, this page has the book in Spanish and other translations will follow.

Are there other versions?

Yes, there is an original edition ‘Conscious Ninja Food’ which has a more personal style without recipes.

Click here to download ‘Conscious Ninja Food’ as a PDF

Do you want more?


There are more recipes/inspiration available on my previous food blog and on this instagram account where I occasionally publish.