Personal diet

I strive to prepar quick, easy and affordable yet highly decorative, appetizing and nutritionally balanced meals! Does it sound interesting? Follow me on instagram@bjorns_food! I publish photos together with ingredients and simple instructions



I want to create a database of basic vegan food sources and corresponding nutrition values. Feel free to help me add data for any item in this document: Lists of plant-based foods for different climate zones

The aim is to eventually run computer optimization programming software on the data to get some interesting results such as

  • Optimal food compositions with respect to RDI (recommended daily intake)
  • Optimal plant compositions for certain climate zones

Some direct benefits which may come of the results

  • Improved guides for personal/community diet planning
  • Facilitated plant selection for self-sustainable living environments

Indirect benefits

  • Increased consumption of local food production lowers the need for imports and therefore reduces the total environmental impact of global transport.
  • A closer and more direct connection to food sources creates healthier and happier humans