Vegan / plantbased food e-book translated into Spanish

‘Conscious Ninja Food’ has been translated into Spanish, titled ‘Comida Consciente’

Download them on the food page

In the process of translation the book has been ruthlessly edited for the better. The recipes are much clearer to follow, the images less obtrusive, the layout more consistent and the fonts more readable. Some quirkiness and originality of the original has been sacrificed in order to hopefully appeal and reach more people.

The English original is planned to get the same treatment




Reclaim your keyboard! (and your fingers)


giving my trusty mechanical keyboard the “DVORAK treatment”

The most common keyboard layout, often referred to as QWERTY, comes from one of the early typewriter models, over 140 years ago. From being part of a tool only used in certain professions it is now something almost everyone uses daily.

The QWERTY layout grew out of necessity and convenience during the early stages of the typewriter. The top row of the layout has all the letters of typewrite, so that the salesperson could easily demonstrate the new invention. The letters had to be arranged in a way that the mechanical hammers which the paper had the least chance of getting stuck to each other. You can read more about QWERTY on Wikipedia.

But today, on electronic devices, the reasons behind QWERTY’s layout does not make any sense. In my opinion it is a perfect example of systemic resistance, where short-term thinking and lack of awareness gets in the way of a positive change.

But even if QWERTY seems unavoidable, there are ways around it. I will describe one of them.

A few years ago I discovered Dvorak. It is a keyboard layout developed in the 1930’s, with the intention of replacing QWERTY. Dvorak takes account letter frequency and hand physiology into account.

In Dvorak the most common letters are placed in the middle row and all vowels are on the left side of the keyboard. This creates a very pleasant sense when typing. I can compare it to the satisfaction of performing a drum roll, allowing the body to move controlled yet relaxed, with regular symmetrical movements.

Dvorak is available on the common operating systems for many languages, but few people know about it. It takes a little work to set up.

First is configuration. If your keyboard is designed for a less common language, like Swedish in my case, a layout might not be available by default. In that case, you need to create it yourself. I did it using Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator
You can also use the design ideas of Dvorak to create a custom layout based on any unique typing patterns.

How to change the keyboard layout:

In Windows 7
In Windows 10
In Mac OS X
In Linux Ubuntu

The second part is the keyboard. With a laptop, it might be difficult to rearrange the letters, but on most external keyboards, the key caps are removable. Making the rearrangement takes perhaps an hour. Another thing you can do while rearranging the keys is take the chance to clean it if it is dirty, thus prolonging its lifespan.

If you switch, be prepared for a significant relearning period. You will be typing like a toddler again!

If you can overcome this however, the rewards are

  • an amazing sense of flow
  • the possibility of pushing the typing speed limits without the strain on the fingers QWERTY is prone to

If you tried this, I would love to hear about your experience!

Recipe book with vegan food in Spanish

Today I started translating the recipe e-book ‘Conscious Ninja Food’ into Spanish. The working title is ‘Comida Consciente’.

The original e-book in English with over twenty recipes is currently available for free download here

I feel proud presenting you with the first recipe translated


4×4 Rueda de Col Rizada

– ejercicio del numero quatro –

4x4 kale wheel close

4x4 kale wheel top



  • 1 aguacate
  • 4 ojas de col rizada
  • 1 lima
  • aceite de oliva
  • 1 papaya


  • anacardos naturales
  • semillas de chia


  1. Cogemos quatro ojas de col rizada
  2. Hacemos un rollo de las ojas y corte el rollo fino
  3. Cortamos los largos mechones resultantes a la mitad también.
  4. Freímos la col rizada en aceite de oliva hasta que estemos satisfechos con la consistencia.
  5. Cortamos un aguacate en quatro pedazos
  6. Cortamos quatro rebanadas de lima
  7. Cortamos quatro Cut four slices of papaya.
  8. Cogemos quatro vezes de quatro anacardos
  9. Colocamos todo como en la imagen que muestra la vista desde arriba
  10. Rociamos semillas de chia encima de todo y tenemos una rueda quattro por quattro deliciosa!


Please, leave me a comment if you have tried the recipe and/or have any suggestions for improving it or the text!

What is Reality? Reflections and results of some past experiences

During a trip through Europe to Barcelona 2013, I had some experiences of reality not being as material and deterministic as I had previously assumed.

Two observations stood out.

I wrote down the first observation in a notebook and illustrated it with a small diagram to help me remember it.

At the time, I believed fully in a materialistic, mechanical reality and tried to explain the experience as a delay within my brain between the time of receiving sensory inputs processed them subconsciously. At the time it didn’t occur to me that the idea of having or being a brain are also just observed events!

What I wrote was “delayed conscious experience of exterior event => sense of predetermined future”.

The illustration I made looked something like this:

 Delayed conscious experience graph

 I was aware of a strange connection between events within very short time intervals, perhaps even less than seconds. I thought they should be completely uncorrelated, but I could not deny what I felt and observed. The related events could be both thoughts in my head and things people said or did.
I now understand that this was a non-premeditated experience of ‘becoming reality’, something I experienced more fully and intentionally in 2016. After better understanding existence itself, I found how every phenomenal experience was part of one single process within consciousness. I then started to consciously mold the entire world in a more total sense by selecting thoughts and searching for new ideas to experiment with, something which I have continued with to this date.

The second observation was while walking along a street. I noticed how if I relaxed in a certain way, my body would not touch passerbys or lampposts, even though my kinetic sense told me I should have collided. I was not confident enough to tell anyone about it at the time.
Today, this no longer seems strange or unnatural to me, it is part of the underlying nature of reality. Every phenomena arise in the present moment out of nothingness, and its quantum nature can be made apparent on all levels for an observer, an ‘I’. The body is literally created as any conscious act can be, by being wrapped around and observed by consciousness itself. What affects it or not and how is entirely up for modification, only habit makes it appear something fixed and solid, subject to ‘external’ physical laws.

Looking back on my notes, I see how I was searching for reasons behind existance by exploring various fundamental ideas, concepts and their possible relations. I was jotting down things like

  • Time/Future/Past
  • Nothing/Something
  • Appear/Disappear/Change
  • Light/dark
  • Stop/start, Increase/Decrease
  • State: Infinite/Empty
  • Desire/Attract/Repel
  • Sense-Hear-See-Smell-Taste-Touch-Move
  • 1/0, true/false
  • Operation/operator/operand, function/subject/object
  • Point/space

I see now that this exploration unintentionally generated my unusual experiences! I was looking for answers by creating my own model, not yet understanding that the whole existance IS the model itself, experiencing itself by creating models and change on itself, endlessly and infinitely.

A story to B-read about a Buddhing Jesus

As you may have noticed if you have followed my social media presence, I have called myself enlightened for the last year. This is a mistake, IF I would consider that I was the same person then as I am now. At the moment I am not enlightened at all. To include my past self and who I am today, I would be to say that I have striven for enlightenment and self-actualization during the past years, and during that process, I have had quite a few (from my perspective) mind-boggling experiences and insights into the nature of reality, which have turned my life upside down and inside out, in ways which I could never have imagined before.
What is this thing about enlightenment? The perfectly enlightened being would be totally unselfish, 100% aware, compassionate and unconditionally loving. At the moment I am far from that, I still have a great deal of flaws. This blog post is my attempt to turn some of these flaws and especially their effect on my life for the last weeks into something positive. I want to show you what can happen when you attempt to be a modern fledgling apprentice Jesus/Buddha/saint-whatever, but you fail. I will demonstrate this with an example from my life. These events made me laugh, and I hope you who are reading this can laugh with me. This post is only slightly related to Jesus, actually most specifically to some of his miracles, where he made food appear seemingly inexhaustibly.

This particular story started with my realization that by manipulating thoughts one can manifest things very quickly (almost instantly), and also get extremely good at it. This actually what every human being does, although many do it at such an unconscious level that they forget that it is actually their thoughts and beliefs about reality that make the things appear exactly where and how they appear.
The ideal is that one uses this knowledge for personal growth. Part of creating these ideal circumstances is questioning what one’s true nature is. What is consciousness? How does reality actually work? What makes you think you are who you are? Especially those things that limit you from true lasting happiness and fulfillment should be questioned to their core. In the end, you may discover that nothing you took for granted about reality actually has any solid ground. Thus, you can in principle become a miracle-worker like Jesus, turning water into wine, or anything else you would like, but previously thought would never could happen, a.k.a. your truest most inner desires. Perhaps the next president. A rock star. An intergalactic ambassador. An immortal god/goddess. Imagination and dreams team up properly with actual experience. The higher level of consciousness you reach, the more readily you can become and live it.

So what have I used this for? One thing I have gradually changed in my reality is making sure I don’t need to buy anything I need any longer at all. I basically make my shopping list with the universe in general as the provider, and only use things which have been discarded by others. This is marvelous from my point of view, since it enables me to live with zero, or even reversed negative impact on the environment. It aligns with my well with my values.

But what happens when your lower self, the more egotistic side of you which you have been working to overcome makes a comeback? The one that does not want to do any effort of self-improvement and keep everything for and to itself?

Well, in my case, this turned me into a funny sort of beta-Jesus, (as in a buggy version of a software not ready for public release). Striving to be a savior of the world, but with all sorts of personal problems still lingering on from the past. Some examples are low self-esteem, indecisiveness and tendencies to isolate myself. Most of these flaws are not glaring obvious, and they subtly come and go. So instead of, like Jesus, providing bread for the poor and hungry, beta-Jesus manifests bizarre amounts of bread (while trying to find healthier food, but mostly failing (except for fruits, fruits are easy, they grow on trees!)). I already knew from previous experiments that eating is actually not necessary. But old habits and cravings still popped back up, so as beta-Jesus I manifested bread as a sort of common-denominator-food, and in all sorts of places (just laying around wherever I look). I carried the bunch in the photo home, laughed about it and then didn’t really know what good to make of it except write this blog post.


Aside for entertainment, I hope this can help you in your quest for self-improvement, by showing what not to do and waste your time on.
I hope you have good regular healthy habits established such as meditation and yoga, and avoid eating fast easy carbohydrates like beta-Jesus thinks he needs! If you buy bread (as opposed to just find it appear sitting next to you, looking inconspicuous), at least buy whole-grain. Mono-cultures in general are not ecologically friendly at all compared to locally produced legumes!
You can also have a look into the eBook I have available for download on my food blog (it is a fun and friendly one) and follow my instagram for inspiration =)

You are infinite infinities – Some discoveries made when raising consciousness and awareness

If one stays for long enough time in a focused awareness on any one perception of the present, there arises a perception of the absence of everything else. That else we can call the accumulated experience, or the assumed past and the expected future. What does this accumulated experience of an individual being encompass, what has been stored in it? Experiences comes through perceptions.

Examples of perceptions of our outer world as humans are:

  • Sounds
  • Sights
  • Smells
  • Tastes
  • Other body senses

Examples of perception of our inner world are:

  • Thoughts
  • Emotions
  • Dreams
  • Imaginations

All these perceptions can be collectively denominated by different words such as patterns, waves, energies, events to name a few. I will stick to the word pattern for the remainder of this text. They are interconnected and accumulated by an individual being since its birth. Something which is discovered, after searching deeply, is

There are no actual borders in reality!

This can be found in many ways, for example through persistently seeking the most accurate information, or by persistently trying to discover what is the unifying connection between different concepts, by meditation with the goal of experiencing non-duality, or by stumbling upon it. We can see in science that any measurement of anything ultimately comes from an agreement of a model of reality. Equally so in religion. Any faith comes from accepting a original statement. In this, we understand that there is actually no conflict between religion and science, since both has to start with a statement/belief that then is taken as truth. Now before you might say that science is the method of drawing conclusion based on facts, ask yourself, where did those facts come from?

Some interesting conclusions can be drawn from the lack of actual borders in reality is that many things taken for granted, does not exist in the reality outside of the limited experience.

So there is no time in reality.

And there are no separate three dimensions in reality

The concepts of time and space only exist as a reoccurring and thus reinforcing experience. This might seem mind-boggling, but please stay with me.

The personal experience of the universe in each moment can be seen as a function of an enormous structure of interconnected partial structures, where the core stays seemingly fixed. That core part contains among other things the separation between time, space in inner and outer perceptions. But these are also interconnected without any actual border. The experience of there being borders were formed during the earliest parts of our existence. And these borders and the patterns they delimit are mutually arising, they cannot exist without each other in the form they are perceived. Remember however, that this is of course, another model, and therefor not REALLY the truth either.

What deep regular meditation over a longer time can do is to make raise the awareness of the interrelation between all these structures that seem to be subdivided into distinct categories, but actually must, by nature of it being impossible to actually grasp and define any actual border in reality, be at some point, at some level, the same thing. Meditation slows down the intake of perceptions/experiences enough such that some reoccurring patterns and their connectivity to other patterns come up to the surface. They go from being subconscious to being conscious, and thereby can be modified, rethought and restructured. Being in the state of higher consciousness reconnects, reorders and restructures all these perceived substructures, for example by changing or questioning beliefs, seeking new information and accepting new experiences.

Another realization in meditation is that there is no self apart from everything else that is experienced. And so, there is actually nothing left to be afraid, worry about, it is all generated by the same consciousness in the present moment.

There can also not be any limits to what the consciousness is capable of redefining in terms of the experience of reality, and the potential of changes and possibilities for any individual being is therefore infinite. Not infinity as the unreachable end of only a line, because that is infinity in only one dimension and direction. But infinitely infinite, as infinite in infinite dimensions.

One of the fastest ways of changing the experience of reality, apart from meditation, is to accept other viewpoints which one has been resisting a long time as valid, to be possible to hold for oneself. It will then be shown very soon by direct new experience that there is no thing such as true or false about any other beings perception and beliefs about reality, it is only perceived as such in relation to one’s own beliefs. If it really seems incompatible, it might be a belief that has been held for a long time. Examples of such beliefs for a human can be both seen as positive or negative. Beliefs about oneself, one’s parents, different religions, science, childhood, politics, prejudice about a certain groups of people, and many other ideas that maintains one’s sense of separate identity and personality. A drawback of keeping these beliefs it that it will limit the personal development and possibility to learn, improve and expand.

I will end this blog post here, but might come back to it later to expand on certain ideas. I welcome questions, criticism and any other feedback if you have read this far. I would very much like to hear from you!

A vision of the future

Can you imagine just a few decades or so forward, living in a world where there are no longer any borders between countries, because there are no countries. No laws needing to be enforced, no forms to fill in, no need to prove who you are to anyone? Can you imagine a world where there is no need to own or pay for anything, because there is no perceived lack of anything, a world were not only humans but all other animals are recognized as equally treasured beings on this planet, on the same level consciously, and allowed to move and do whatever they want without any fear of anyone and anything? And can you imagine being completely free to move around this world, participating in any activity you would like to, freely expressing and creating together with others?

A change towards this world is possible. By just allowing oneself to imagine it, it starts coming into existence. By starting from oneself, questioning the usefulness of abiding by old concepts, beliefs and structures, both concerning our own personalities and external circumstances. By seeking truth but not stopping and settling anywhere.

A first personal step towards a world revolution

It all begins with you. Right where you are. Right now.

This website will be dedicated as a hub in the center of some of the activities that I see as most central for the personal evolution in the life of a human, a being with unlimited untapped potential.

Some areas I have thought of covering are:

  • Art
  • Body movement
  • Exploration of the unknown
  • Health and nutrition
  • Higher consciousness
  • Letting go, detachment
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Music and sounds
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Quantum physics
  • Religion
  • Spirituality
  • Unconditional love

Let me know in the comments if you would like me to write about something in particular.