Call for freedom (poetry)


Want a marvelous life
Free from strife
Where love can soar and
less is more
Any language is fine
Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Portuguese
French, German, Greek, Japanese or Chinese
Let us master them all
We will never fall,
we will heed the call
We will stand tall,
even when small
Come to us Truth
Come to us God
Make us smart
open our hearts
Give us a new start
Tear our egos apart
Light us up from inside
Fill us with righteous pride
Let us join this divide
Let our interests coincide
Make our consciousness clean
Our awareness heal
Tear down the veil


— Avión Photon


me and the unknown (poetry)

Like two magnets, we attract

The closer we get, the stronger the bond

We burn away past limitations

We soar with new creations

We light up the worlds

We use words but are beyond them

Similar, but not the same

Infinite depths within

Mysterious miracles reflected

Nothing nobody expected

Thus life is perfected


— Avión Photon

Poetry. 14 verses dedicated to our non-human friends

Life around town

Grasshopper in shower
showed me the power
of a magical life
I forgot in youth’s strife

Blackbirds skipping
while I am tripping
direct me toward
life’s greatest reward

Storks on the tower
come as spring flowers
I don’t mean to flatter
but I do dig your clatter

Heron in river
your grace makes me shiver
and stop on my way
Do you meditate, pray?

Cow on the peak
won’t be nobody’s steak
I will teach her to fly
or my tears will run dry

Horses and sheep
you’ll all make me weep
if your life is to end
for some ignorant friend

Alley cat sneaking
I look at you peeking
unto evening’s litter
a feast all too bitter

Dogs in long leashes
peeing where pleases
dragging ’round ‘masters’
out of disasters

Frogs in the night
Town’s singing delight
got their own fanzine
for their choral routine

Bat under roof
Mysterious, aloof
Your silent wings flap
when flying your laps

Spider in corner
is not a mourner
when I clean in a gown
and its net gather down

Butterfly fluttering
won’t hear me muttering
how its catering nephews
ate all my lettuce

Heart-shaped little fly
buzzing near me and by
there’s no swatter here
for you, dear, to fear

Silverfish glimmer
in stark lamp light (no dimmer)
you make me  gladder
as I empty my bladder


Written in Amorebieta-Etxano, Basque Country Spain on the 7th of January 2018

Tuesday morning poetry

I was inspired to write the following poems after reading the Chinese 9th century poet Hanshan, which I can very much recommend! If you like my humble efforts, Hanshan will give you a real treat!

poem #1

Where the rubber meets the road

and there is an old toad

Where I have my abode there

comes the code from the node

poem #2

I met her yesterday by the river

She carried that furry friend

I almost went but then stayed and

exchanged some words and smiles

What before seemed so important

became nothing in that moment

poem #3

I start to feel more empty,

that must be true success

Let me stay like this forever,

bent over a piece of paper

poem #4

To stay out of the clear path,

yet not trip over the vines

Here I am truly speechless

Why is this such a

poem #5

Bubbling pond hide beneath

dark waters immense pressure

the happiest treasure known

You can ignite it, but don’t

It would go off in a beautiful blast

but it wouldn’t last

Stay hidden in the glade

poem #6

7.13 and up since four

cold feet and bent back

bread and lentils in belly

my farts are really smelly

but my joy is out of bounds

poem #7

A heart of gold has no color

yet its brilliance is beyond blinding

What I want to tell you

is that I love you

Instead I just pass by briefly

It is better this way

behind a courteous curtain

you keep your charm

you come to no harm

poem #8

Stirring my cup of rooibos tea

the spoon plays one-two-three

notes from the Imperial March

I haven’t paid rent since April

thinking of it my heart springs

enchanted this magical morning

poem #9

Frosty morning clouds like pink baguettes

Windows steamy with one person’s breath

The roar of an aluminum albatross

Ocean waves of commuting cars

A bird unheard of, the dog lark

with it first bark, a snark remark

a stark awakening in the park.

poem #10

The less I know myself

the more I love myself

Those who say ‘know thyself’

really mean the opposite

Walk the path which is not marked

it is infinitely broad

Be the place which is nowhere

and you are everywhere at once

Control something to the utmost degree

divide the moment infinitesimally

Thus inverting reality

you can set yourself free

poem #11

Am I exhausted?

Then let me be

like a barren tree

on desert sand

The last drop of water

of a cement cylinder

I swear, yet

my mouth is sealed

I am the Earth

I am the Earth

I people myself

I am the most beautiful spaceship you might ever see

I spin and dance around a star

to get evenly shone

I tilt in my spinning dance

to give everyone the chance

to see the colours of seasons

to have plenty of reasons

to count years and to sing

at the arrival of spring

you walk my crust

you are child of my dust

butt I say that you must

not stay, nay, I trust

you to set out a course

to explore life in force

the outside of me

stars everywhere you can see

take care of me

like I care for you

and make love be

all you can see

in this galaxy