Call for freedom (poetry)


Want a marvelous life
Free from strife
Where love can soar and
less is more
Any language is fine
Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Portuguese
French, German, Greek, Japanese or Chinese
Let us master them all
We will never fall,
we will heed the call
We will stand tall,
even when small
Come to us Truth
Come to us God
Make us smart
open our hearts
Give us a new start
Tear our egos apart
Light us up from inside
Fill us with righteous pride
Let us join this divide
Let our interests coincide
Make our consciousness clean
Our awareness heal
Tear down the veil


— Avión Photon


Many ways of being – List of my main enlightenment experiences during 2017

I just want to post a summary of these very unique and rare experiences, to preserve them and share them. Even now as I am writing this it is hard for me to believe some of them, but, they must be, due to the infinite nature of reality, possible to experience and re-experience for anyone, from their own reference point. For that, some work might be needed, such as questioning deeply the nature of all held beliefs, plus a implementing regular mindfulness and meditation practice. This is highly individual.

  • Completely letting go as a way of receiving any requested information instantly and directly into the brain about anything

  • Knowing each new manifestation of appearances as self-generated (and knowing its trail back in time)

  • Knowing and recognizing the mutual generation of own life and the history of the “outside” world/universe as one and the same. No events more/less significant, total butterfly effect.

  • Knowing all experience as mystical; unconsciousness within familiarity and repetition dulls the perception and interpretation to make it seem otherwise, that is the nature of all habitual/addictional action with lack of mindfulness. The depths of what is habit and addiction goes much deeper than what is commonly referred to as such. This includes ANY unconscious act, such as not being aware of how one ties a shoelace, or answering a phone call because of the ringtone. In full consciousness, you are always aware of the call and the caller being created in that moment, BY YOURSELF.

  • Knowing truth and truthfulness as the only real and lasting; all lies/secrets are temporary created by illusory self, forgetting its being and acting at all sides of reality.

  • Direct communication/dissolution of thoughts as within self only; by direct thought questioning and answering, interchanging information with any other “external” entities. For example, during a video stream, which one ‘normally’ assumes to be pre-recorded, thought can interact directly with the content in the right frame of mind (disregarding any disbelief in its possibility). But also any other form; objects, animals, people, text, wind, weather, all are within the same consciousness and can be interacted directly with.

  • Complete dissolution of attachment to body and sensory perception, knowing total bliss and unnecessity of continued life.

  • Knowing the possiblity for any imaginable experience to be actually experienced. Thus knowing unboundedness in creation and freedom to direct life to any goal.

  • Knowing that creating past and future attachments (for example scheduling appointments) are one of the illusory self’s (the mind’s) way of escaping selfrealization/true being within reality, by clinging to old information and identity.

  • Knowing the possibility of ‘re-enactement’ of any past experience, all the way to infancy, in new appearances.

  • Knowing the danger of creating new falsehood or un-truth in your reality when describing what you are doing or being, either in thought or action. Talking or even thinking about something you are going to do, or thinking that you know something, unless you are 100% certain it in that moment, throws you back into illusion.

  • Knowing that truth in words are actually not the words themselves, but more fundamental energies of alignment within reality in the present. Thus truth is not about examining a statement of the past with some present circumstances, it is about the current state of being of oneself together with ones circumstances.

Note that the apparent truth/falsehood and also level of understanding of these descriptions depends heavily on the level of consciousness reading them.
Also, note that knowing in all these statements refers to actually directly experiencing, not to being able to state the experience in a sentence. The finger points to the moon, don’t confuse the finger with the moon, or the map with the territory, as some famous sayings go.

Layers of false self. The self-image

During my meditations and self-inquiries last year I went through extremely different states of being and modes of perceiving reality. Here are what I gathered in some notes, trying to classify how what I think I am affects the way I perceive and interact with the reality around me, and it with me.

Note that doing this is actually counter-productive to fully embodying Truth! I only want to share this as a tool for anyone curious about finding out more about themselves. I don’t recommend keeping any of this model as an identity or a replacement for the actual Truth (which can never be written/modeled). But I can point out some pitfalls and traps I have fallen into, with the hope that you can more easily avoid them when they appear!


  • Expected interaction-self.
    Entangled with:

    • State of being
    • Projections on others (has layers upon layers, which come and go)
    • Purpose/objectives @ the moment, trying to get something, go somewhere “in the future” (which does not exist)
  • Expressing self
    • Hindered by inward reflecting self (which is wrapped up in believing thoughts of the past).


  • Reflecting self:
    Assuming responsibility for past circumstances, accumulates guilt/shame/fear
  • Unconscious self, can be FULLY brought within your consciousness. Encompasses everything that you normally do not think is you! Everything you perceive! Here outward and inward is no longer becomes a relevant distinction. Trap: becoming obsessed with trying to get back into such a state, once it has passed, trying to evoke it by associated memories.
  • Emotional self: suffering, accustomed to accumulating guilt/shame/fear. The pitfall here is thinking that there is a valid reason for you to continue carrying these. You have to be very aware and identify the thoughts that you think are you that cause them, and then call them out.
  • Inquiring self. The pitfall here is assuming there is something actually wrong with your at a fundamental level. The truth is, that there is not! You want to unravel the self-image you have built, not add to it.
  • Prophetic self: Mind connecting all observations into future projections. Can easily go VERY far due to the infinite nature of reality. Some “risks” are following one of the paths, creating an egoic identity out of it, and then becoming afraid of oneself. or thinking that one path is a ‘must’ or ‘destiny’ (this makes you remove your own authority, takes you out of the present moment and can be very hurtful).
  • Synchronistic self: At high awareness, certain patterns which were before hidden surfaces. Also new patterns are much more easily created than before.  The risk is developing addictive/obsessive behaviors. Yes, you CAN create patterns out of connecting almost all observed phenomena, but it can easily overtake the cognitive abilities to focus on something else you want to accomplish. You can think of becoming enlightened as becoming more like a small child again, you are much more vulnerable to external energies and influences. Great discernment is required!

Observing, aware, neutral self. Unifying. Conscious, at various levels, the more conscious, the more free and happy

  • No purpose while still acting
  • Flowing, fully present

The path I followed to my first full enlightenment experience was about one year of highly mindful manual work with little talking (4 hours per day) in conjunction with daily meditation practice (around 20 minutes), physical workout (a combination of cardio, calisthenics, weight training and yoga) and self-directed online research and studies (mostly books, wikipedia and YouTube videos) into various philosophical and religious schools and teachings.

A big problem than can arise with enlightenment experiences is that they easily create new layers of false self-image, in the forms of memories, practices that you want to ‘get back’ to (just like good childhood memories). That is never possible! The Truth is always right now, never in the past or future!

Insights from a period without sleep and sleep without dreams


Have you wondered about what dreams really are, what sleep is?

In this post I want to elaborate around the personal experiences and insights I have had on what sleep and dreams are in relation to consciousness and the true nature of reality during my most profound enlightenment experiences, which peak took place just about a year ago, in the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. It seems when attaining enlightenment, the boundaries between these to states no longer are as clear as they seem to be, and that at a point they actually dissolve completely.

First I want to describe what the enlightenment experience, which is related to ego death and having no desires is like.

It is a rebirth in the sense that by removing the ego’s will completely, one ‘touches’ base with the primordial will that is generating existence itself. At that point, a being starts ‘skimming’ the surface of reality, as a ball which was previously been submerged underwater due to its density, but now, almost empty of content, it bobs along on the surface, where the emptiness above is the eternal origin, a direct connection to the infinite. Instead of being carried along under, following a certain stream, one becomes ready to be filled with any purpose and go towards any direction from the basis of the current circumstances. These circumstances, the now, can be seen as a point in a multidimensional object extending infinitely in infinite directions. This is actually always the case, but awareness and consciousness is rarely focused enough to experience in the daily life of an ordinary human. In fact, this is the reason why enlightenment sometimes described as awakening and life as ‘the waking dream’. But instead of experiencing reality as something happening to one self, one experiences oneself as being the one generating cause of the entirety of reality.

Now, onto some insights on the origin and reason for dreams.

When unenlightened, or in lower states of consciousness, a being is full of resistance to the perceived ‘other’ during its waking hours. The other is everything it assumes is not itself, including accumulated memories. This creates a kind of ‘pressure’ building up in the beings mind, a bubble which it is unaware of. Falling asleep, the ability to control experience is completely removed and the dream world is generated from the contents of the bubble. Note that becoming conscious of this content can bring enough awareness to resolve the causes for the buildup.

The more a being perceives that are unable to control their surroundings in a positive way, the more troublesome dreams they will have. Especially if they fear anything in their immediate external circumstances. Also any unresolved fears or issues of the past might be carried along into the dream.

A being which is in a more harmonious environment will more likely dream of postive future possibilities, however might not understand that anything they encounter in a dream is actually possible to experience while awake as well, due to lack of awareness and self-imposed limiting beliefs.

The enlightened being however, by transcending the boundary between self and other does not accumulate any unwanted experiences to resolve during its waking state. Instead they effortlessly flow along in reality without any need to control or resist it. When going to sleep they do not dream at all. Any future possibility will be left to the waking state, since there is no resistance to their actualization. Being fully aware and part of the creation and manifestation of all experiences, only a conscious intent by the being itself will create a dream during the sleeping state.

Even the need for sleep can easily be overcome, since there is no longer anything wearing the mind or body down to the point of sleepiness.

Note that what is perceived as reality, or the waking state, can also be seen as a longer form of dream. A dream that has just been going on for long enough to make certain aspects of it, such as physical laws seem fixed or constant. This perceived certainty, however, is an illusion.

The unjust blame on religion

It is a common theme among people who identify themselves as nonreligious to give blame for past crimes of humanity such as wars to religions. This unfortunately blocks them from discovering some truly remarkable things leading to personal growth!

In this post I want to help alleviate this by giving a different viewpoint, as someone who has been on that side myself, but later developed a keen interest in religions by researching them myself. What I have found is that behind all dogma and rules of religion, are a core that is what is sometime referred to as ‘mystery’, ‘magic’, ‘supernatural’, ‘miraculous’. The common theme is the personal experience that must be found for oneself. To penetrate into it, one must drop the prejudices held surrounding the name of the religion or teaching, and let oneself be immersed without the past interfering. This is the core of what is faith. Note that faith is not anything particular to religion, it is the necessary prerequisite to learn ANYTHING new in life. To go to a new place, one must have faith enough that it actually exists, and that one can travel there. To start a conversation, one must have enough faith in oneself and others that it is possible. To discover something new in science, one must have enough faith that there is actually something new to find there.

So what gives rise to the blame is not what is in the religions themselves, but the actual identification in taking a side, which becomes notoriously problematic when it is done on a collective level.

‘I am nonreligious, and that is the correct way’. Or ‘I am religious, and not having a religion is wrong.’.

Thus, the name of the religion or non-religion becomes irrelevant, it can be atheism, Christianity, Islam and even science or veganism. The identification of self with being the ‘right’ side and what is created in the mind as the ‘opposite’ as ‘wrong’ is what actually causes the friction and fraction! The identification also leads to the mind adopting rules from the system of belief to which it has attached itself, and from there it starts searching its surroundings to start classifying things accordingly, much like an automatic sorter. This can be useful when there was actually a good reason and purpose behind it, but it is most often completely detrimental to one’s own well-being as well as that of others.

In daily experience, one has just to take a walk outdoors and observe ones own mind to notice it. Any labels might come up which create an artificial barrier between oneself and others. ‘Woman’, ‘child’, ‘old’. If any of the words conjure a negative connotation in the mind, the barrier is raised for any deeper connection to what is actually there.

It can also be useful to notice that the labels in the mind have actually very little to do with what is actually occuring in once perception. There is visuals, sounds, movements, but where are actually the words and thoughts? How relevant are they truly to what is in the direct experience?

To overcome this, one can inquire into oneself, what memories are causing these connections? What beliefs am I carrying inside me that prevent me from seeing the world without these labels?

The Boolean mind-field


Yesterday I read about the life of Erwin Schrödinger, and also part of his book ‘What is life?‘ before I went to bed. Edward Schrödinger was a physicist whose work was key to the early development of quantum physics. He also led a fascinating life, moving between different countries and exchanging ideas with people like Albert Einstein. Perhaps you have heard of ‘Schrödinger’s cat’, the thought experiment of a cat in a box? His ideas also influenced people outside of physics. One example is James D. Watson, who researched the gene which led to the discovery of DNA.

I was inspired by what I read, and just before I woke up today, I head the words ‘boolean field’ spoken to me in a short dream. As I woke up, I thought of the idea as a gift (coincidentally, it was my birthday too!) and by taking these words (which come from the domains of mathematics and physics) and I used it to create a method for finding more happiness and freedom in life. I think it is very good, and I want to share it with you. I combined the words with some things I have learnt the past years by investigating a multitude of sources for personal development.

I will first outline the idea. Then I will explain the method, which you can use as a tool to find out more about yourself and your relation to the world. Two basic question to keep in the back of your mind are

  • What is actually true?
  • How can I know for sure it is true?

Last, I share a long list of links to further reading which I hope will awake curiousity and passion in you for further exploration on your own!


The Idea

Think of your mind is a minefield, a Boolean field of mine or thine. The mines are traps which cause us unhappiness. Boolean is a term from logic, meaning that something can be true either false. In the mind, it appears as classifications and judgments, of me and not me. It also appears as labels on objects, events, concepts and even emotions in terms of good or bad. We can easily get lost in it and when we do, it prevents us from seeing reality as it really is. Think about how an infant that has not yet learnt a word looks at life. Part of why it smiles so easily and naturally is that it has no set notions about the world yet.
To find out what is actually true, we want to reset our minds boolean field, to a state of neither true or false.

To be live with the boolean field removed is a beautiful experience. No labels, attachments or identies troubles you. Only being with what is, in the present moment. To make a parallel with quantum physics, it is to live in a more undetermined state, a quantum state of possibility and potential, but without clinging to absolute certainties. Things can be momentarily true or false, and also both, but the changes of states do not cause us lasting suffering.


The method

You can estimate how far away you are from this state by making lists and adding up the number of items you find

  • How many labels on things and phenomena do you think are yours and needs protecting and would resist sharing or losing to anything you consider to not be you. This includes your body, your thoughts, your ideas, emotions and memories. It also includes every person you have ever met or think you will ever meet.
  • How many labels are you using to classify every person you know, including yourself.
  • How many labels are you using consciously or unconsciously when observing around you, on any occuring phenomena. This phenomena may arrive to you through sight, sound, touch, taste and hearing, but also more subtly through inner thoughts and images.
  • How many things in life are you certain to be either true or false

If you do a list of these things, you can get an estimate of how much work you have to do to experience a much happier life. Even if you don’t make a written list, just thinking about it can be helpful too.

You can make a list of these, and then meditate on letting go from them, thinking either ‘I don’t know for sure, perhaps I need to find out’ in the terms of beliefs, and ‘I don’t think it matters if this is me or mine’ for identification, and ‘I am not completely certain what this is’ for phenomena or outward labels. Do it honestly. You can also apply this while going about your day, trying to be as aware as you can of any unconscious judgements you do.

Be wary of going overboard; rejecting or resisting something can become a boolean mine in disguise! Also, if your mind gets very stuck on a certain phenomena, that can be another telltale sign!

The key is to be loosen up a bit, letting go, but not being to obsessed with this idea either.

You can also, using the list as a guide, start sharing, giving away and act less protectively around anything you think needs to be protected in some way. This can be your identity, your beliefs, your belongings, your behaviour and people around you. In short, be more open to change and new experiences.


Resources for further investigation

The method above shares similarities with meditations, philosophical self-inquiry and religious practices. The goals and the paths toward them are referred to by many names.

Here are a list of examples which you can read about at your own pace:

It is very interesting to look at the similarities these share. I think they can be used freely as pointers of investigation.

Many terms appear in more than the contexts which I have listed within the parenthesises. If you think I have left out anything important, I apologize, and please let me know with a comment.

Also, any ideas or suggestions for improving this blog post are warmly welcomed!

Insights – Is it reasonable to be reasonable?

Here are some of my insights from the other day, they are pretty profound:

  • There is no actual state of being
  • There is no separation between consciousness/thoughts/concepts/perceived reality
  • There is no fear separate from any other emotions/energies
  • You never know yourself
  • Unconditionality IS truth, as in, both are pointers towards ‘it’, which cannot be told in words, but only experienced. The knowing of self which cannot be fully reached, but reached for.
  • Raised consciousness of direct experience/present moment is a link/pointer to wisdom and insights, which gets translated into thoughts and actions, but not necessarily happiness.

Also, four insights connecting consciousness with quantum physics:

  1. The sense of perceiving self/ego IS quantum wave collapses, the most persistent ones.
  2. Hightened consciousness reverses this process.
  3. This process is completely neutral in both ways.
  4. Conditional trust and love is symmetry breaking, leading to lower consciousness. Basically ego attaches itself to certain ideas, things, people, etc. Unconditional love and trust is symmetry forming, leading to higher consciousness.

Some other insights while frying pancakes. I don’t feel these are as solid.

  • Reality+thoughts could be seen as just a purpose invention machine, going wherever thought takes it.
  • The idea of having to serve/help others or self is just another accumulated belief, it is self-defeating to worry about or cling to.
  • The more you try to control or conquer something, for example, a habit, or the egotistic side of you, the more it encroaches upon you, by law of attraction.


Some late evening questions and more

I sat down and contemplated the following questions this evening:

  • The up, down and strange quarks in the Standard Model in quantum physics can form 10 different Baryons with three quarks: uuu, uud, uus, udd, uds, ddd, dds, dss and sss (order invariance applies). Now does these and other quantum particles have equivalences in fundamental concepts of the human psychology? I find this a fascinating question. And why stop at Baryons.
  • What is beauty from a photon’s perspective?
  • Is fear one end of a spectrum of repelling forces, as in how negatively charged particles and objects repel each other, and the same happens between positively charged particles? Can fear then be seen as something completely neutral and natural, equal to, for example courage?
  • What is chance?  (as in for example luck)
  • What is sleep?
  • Can you juggle infinity? How?

I have no answers for you, and perhaps that is for the best! I will publish my insights (which curiously enough, are not all so related to the questions!) at a later date. Until then, I would love to hear what you think!

On a less ‘serious’ note, here are some ‘jokes’ (if they are depends totally on your perspective).

Björn asks the Universe (the Guru)
Björn: Do you know how many people live on Earth?
Universe: I don’t, I haven’t counted. I only see one present.

Björn: Have you seen my passion?
Universe: Ask Christ, I think you left it with him

Björn: Christ, can I have my passion back?
Christ: Yes, let’s cross you off my list

Björn: Christ, why am I older than you? I am 37!
Christ: You are not, I am 2017.
Universe: What are you talking about, you are all older than me!

Surfing the waves of self-made realities

I would like to share with you some of my latest experiences.

I have for quite a while lived with the insight that a being with a determined enough mind can actually change ALL rules of its experienced existence. Some weeks ago I went along with applying it in a practical experiment on myself. I decided to set the rule that my functional capacities would stay constant with neither sleep nor food. It worked well, with applying regular meditation ‘resets’. I felt neither tiredness nor hunger. But in the end, it felt a bit too alienating, so I didn’t pursue these possibilities further. I feel both our inner work and the work we can do for others in our surroundings take precedence over pursuing too extreme game changes. An appropriate comparison from fiction might be how in the Lord of the Rings, both Galadriel and Gandalf refuses to take on the ring, afraid of what they would become with almost limitless power. Too extreme changes also make for a lot of experiential ‘bouncing’, that is, different places and circumstances become extremely contrasting. Although, it has also been a time of some amazing and interesting new discoveries.

Just going between the home I live in now, and the home I lived in until the beginning of March has been a bit like stepping through portals between different worlds. It has taken quite a bit of time for me to calibrate or balance my state of being in this process. Looking back, I see that this is of course how life has always been, only I was not aware of my part in it. The unconscious mind was left to set the rules, and I had not yet the knowledge, insights and experiences to be able to observe, understand and change it consciously.

Another separate episodic and very positive experience I had recently was a completely new sense of effortless flow. The boundary between my thoughts and the rest of the world had in a sense dissolved and I was united with a more universal intelligence. All hesitation and doubt was completely absent from the tasks I performed and also absent when switching between them. Any item, idea and even person showed up exactly when needed. Everything was completely unplanned in the typical sense of using a calendar or clock, but it still followed a great marvelous rhythm. It was as if I was just going for a nice long walk without any purpose, except I actually was working on many different things. This lasted perhaps two days. I don’t remember now what exactly got me out of it, but I am sure it was me coming back into doubting myself in some way.

Now, from my experience of (at least temporarily) being an ‘enlightened’ person, without a very firm path to follow, is that a kind of reality-wave can form. Knowing that reality shapes and reflects every belief you hold, you get to freely choose what reality you want to experience. But how do you choose it? Is there any right or wrong? Here is a simple binary example to illustrate:

  • Believing in the lack of enlightenment in others. Now if you believe yourself to be enlightened, you become responsible for helping everything you perceive as not you to know the same truth. You will see and encounter everything you believe to be ‘wrong’ in the world.
  • Believing in everything else being already enlightened, perfect in itself. Accepting everything as it is. You will see your own loving reflection and the experience becomes quite paradisiacal, but it seems to not change or challenge you much. If you and everything else is Buddha, could it be that Buddha becomes bored?

I will continue my efforts to try to better ‘surf’ this reality-wave. Being part of an infinite reality, one thing is certain: there are infinite ways to create, learn and improve upon oneself within the experience.