I do not consider it important to attach ourselves to gender, nationality or age, instead I am much more interested in seeking truth by deeply searching for the innermost essence and then expressing it outwards. I think this is key to liberate us from constraints of the past resulting in most suffering.

But here is one version of who I am, from a diary entry I wrote on January 2017:

So I have realized I am actually God or whatever that has no name, because my name is not it. Now the problem is that I still carry this sense of being a separate thing, a human with a certain history and is supposed to adhere to a lot of limiting beliefs and rules and thoughts about the inside of me and the outside of me.

An option that occured to me could be to roleplay something completely different, since everything seems up for questioning anyway.

So I have thought about assuming I actually was sent here for a purpose, but forgot and took on a name, Björn Kenneth Holmström, changing it now seems to be a lot of hassle.

Coming in as an alien to this world, I have assumed a human body, which seems to have a few accumulated limitations. I hope to expand the capacities however.

I am quiet curious about true love, how to rid myself of the accumulated memories of fear, loss, regret, sorrow and so on which seems to limit the possibilities for future experiences in the direction of love.

It seems this guy “Björn” was fooled all along to not express himself fully, to inhibit himself.

This seems partly to be a systemic issue.

We see a whole slew of problems in the different societal systems around the globe which we hope to turn around as quickly as possible

  • The thought of aging and a gradual decomposition/detoriation of body functions. Why not continuously improve instead?
  • The need to maintain creatures not similar enough to oneself in captivity, with rules and even misuse and killing.
  • The need for control of movement of humans through certain areas.
  • The use of production and deployment of harmful devices and even humans.
  • The differentiation of  faiths and paradigms (including science) and conflicts between them.

On a less serious note, here is what a friend of mine since high-school said about me

“Du är en konstant källa till underhållning” / “You are a constant source of entertainment” – Staffan Palm