What I’m up to at the moment

I am currently reorganizing both my home and this site. There will be a start page to select preferred language. All art I have created the last year will be made available, with details on size and materials used.

I have so much material gathered that creating more without publishing what I have seems illogical.

This work is taking a lot of energy, but I the result will be worth it. I want an excellent infrastructure to publish on.

I will not be posting blogs while this is going on.


Free associations on immaterial concepts

    • Love — accepting what is
    • Courage — moving along, letting go of interference of fear with the past
    • Patience — being in what is
    • Magnanimity  — accepting in totality what was and is and is coming into being
    • Goodness — patiently setting aside the self to merge into what is
    • Faith — flowing with the set course, without doubts
    • Gentleness — action with minimum force, generating least resistance. Effortless flow aligned with love
    • Selflessness — unknowing the other as separate
    • Self-sacrifice — releasing the ties of self identification to external and internal manifestations
    • Truthfulness — knowing the transparent totality of existence. The knower and the known is the same, nothing is hidden
    • Righteousness — knowing truth and staying with truth. Faith in truth
    • Justice — seeking truth, setting aside past ideas until knowing truth
    • Mercy — love in knowing truth of the illusion of separate self
    • Gracefulness — faith in goodness and gentleness
    • Humility — not pretending to know. Not comparing without truth. Knowing that all relative truths are temporary
    • Loyalty — staying with faith, not clinging to non-truth
    • Sympathy — seeing the self in the other
    • Spiritual knowledge — distinguishing the illusory from the real
    • Forgiveness — merging the illusory separations of past selves
    • Honesty — acting from truth
    • Eternity — the dissolution of the illusory separation of time in past and future
    • Hope — steering the course of the present towards truth

Notes reading ‘Thoughts on Art and Life’ by Leonardo da Vinci

After reading Leonardo’s opinions on beauty as superiorly expressed and experienced by the eye than the ears, the reason being that it is not subject to a span of time during which the experiencer forgets what has been experienced (something I do not agree on) I pose the following questions as an invitation to explore from an enlightenment perspective:
Is it possible to experience that which is beauty, total and complete, pervading and unifying all senses, without pertaining to or attaching it to a particular object of the mind, past, present or future?
Can it be done effortlessly, without focus?
Does this contemplation lend access to higher awareness and truth?
Also, outside the topic, as a contemplation, what is the optimal way of expressing thoughts when getting enthusiastic about a subject, still retaining the aim to capture as large and broad an audience as possible, who can benefit from the discovered results?

Diary notes

I am almost done collecting my diary notes from the last two years into a commonplace book. The idea is to compile them into something more readable and extract the most useful bits.

Here are some slightly edited notes from December.

No word is Truth.

Time is infinite,

No time is ‘lost’ or ‘made’

No justifications are necessary for Truth:

  • Simply state what is
  • Inquiries will always lead to nothing, thus no-one justifying why you should or shouldn’t think or do something can ever have the absolute Truth
  • No thought is needed to find Truth


  • Hunger is cover-up for suppressed anger
  • All ideas can be hijacked by the ego

Relative absolute truths (yes, paradox is inherent to reality)

  • There is a truer ‘me’ or self
  • Nothing is hidden
  • All compromises to feel secure are self-deception (decreasing authenticity and Truth)

Enlightenment insights

While walking along the river today

  • Truth of reality is accessed by reducing as much copied behaviours of the past reoccurring in the present as possible. This is what is referred to as subconscious.
  • Since reality contains all possibilities, including everything that appears as paradox, a paradoxical way to access the truth is by very exact conscious repetition! Ways exemplifying this is daily meditations, mantras, mindfulness and mastery of any specific activity.
  • But once discovered, Truth is accessible at any time at any place, since it is all that actually exists

Morning meditations

Be authentic, aware, conscious, free, open and generous
Drink water
Eat local plant-based food
Enjoy what you engage in and you let others to do the same
Possessions are temporary
Share what you know and stay open to learn
Stay true to your values
– all you experience is yourself in infinite forms
– bounds and limits, subjects and objects are illusions
– there is no scarcity, there is only what is
– reality itself is the meditation
– words are not the things

inspired by the roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, who wrote his Meditations to be read by himself every morning


Vegan / plantbased food e-book translated into Spanish

‘Conscious Ninja Food’ has been translated into Spanish, titled ‘Comida Consciente’

Download them on the food page

In the process of translation the book has been ruthlessly edited for the better. The recipes are much clearer to follow, the images less obtrusive, the layout more consistent and the fonts more readable. Some quirkiness and originality of the original has been sacrificed in order to hopefully appeal and reach more people.

The English original is planned to get the same treatment



Call for freedom (poetry)


Want a marvelous life
Free from strife
Where love can soar and
less is more
Any language is fine
Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Portuguese
French, German, Greek, Japanese or Chinese
Let us master them all
We will never fall,
we will heed the call
We will stand tall,
even when small
Come to us Truth
Come to us God
Make us smart
open our hearts
Give us a new start
Tear our egos apart
Light us up from inside
Fill us with righteous pride
Let us join this divide
Let our interests coincide
Make our consciousness clean
Our awareness heal
Tear down the veil


— Avión Photon